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Troubleshooting Jenn-Air Ovens

    • 1). Check the power source. Locate the electrical plug in the wall socket and check to see if it sits flush against the surface. If not, push it in further. Go to the circuit controls in your home and examine the breaker. If set to "Off," throw it back to the "On" position.

    • 2). Press the door gently to guarantee it has shut all the way. A slightly open door may prevent the oven from functioning properly.

    • 3). Turn the oven on. Depending on the model, the oven may include an electronic, or button control, unit. Examine the position and verify the oven is on. The method will depend on the design of the oven. Refer to the user's guide for more information.

    • 4). Turn off any timer or delay cooking setting. If the oven has a touch screen, look for a menu item labeled "Timer." Manual ovens may have a knob or button. A delayed setting will prevent the oven from heating or keep the oven running until the specified time.

    • 5). Unlock the control screen. This function is specific to touch screen controls. If the screen lights but the buttons do not respond, locate the slide bar on the main menu. Use your finger to move the bar to unlock the controls.

    • 6). Disengage Sabbath mode. This is a setting that allows the oven to heat continuously until physically turned off. This overrides the automatic shut off. The procedure to disable Sabbath mode will depend on the model oven. For touch-screen controls, Sabbath mode will appear on the setting menu. While in Sabbath mode, there will be limited capacity for lights and displays on the oven.

    • 7). Recalibrate the oven if it appears the temperatures are too hot or cold. Calibration will depend on the model. For example, touch screens allow for manual calibration from the setup menu. Review the user's guide for your oven for calibration options.

    • 8). Call for service if the display on the oven shows any error messages that do not clear when you hit "Reset," or if you were unable to fix the problem.

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