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How To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

If you sit slumped in front of your computer each day, or you have had a baby, you have probably noticed how your once firm and flat stomach has turned into a paunch.
If this is you, the chances are that your core muscles are weak and your posture needs correcting.
You are at high risk of back pain, and here are some reasons and exercises that you can do to strengthen your core.
More and more fitness experts are realizing the importance of a strong core, and you may have noticed that core and stability work have become the in things at all the gyms.
There are various tools to help in the pursuit of the flatter tummy including medicine balls, wobble boards, gym balls and pilates classes.
The stronger your core muscles are, the more stable your spine will be, and you are less likely to suffer from back pain.
You will also look slimmer and walk taller and your posture will be better.
These exercises should form part of your exercise program which should include aerobic exercise, stretching and toning.
Try performing the following movements at least three times a week for great results.
Basic Abdominal Bracing Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor facing forwards.
Ensure your lower back is neither arched or flat against the floor.
It should be in a natural position with a small gap between the floor and your back.
Take a deep breath in and while breathing out pull your belly button towards your spine, like zipping up a tight pair of jeans.
Hold the contraction for ten to fifteen seconds and keep breathing.
Progress this to three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions.
Lunges Start with feet shoulder width apart and take a big step forwards with your right leg into a lunge.
Your body should go straight down by bending your left hip and knee until your right thigh is parallel to the floor.
Make sure your right knee is not over your right toes.
Contract the glute of the left leg and push yourself back to starting position without arching or using the back.
Repeat with the left leg and progress to three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions.
Plank Support yourself on your elbows with your forearms resting on a mat.
Bend your elbows at 90 degrees.
Keep your spine in a neutral position and slightly bend your knees.
Keep your glutes and abs engaged and your head level with the floor and lift your knees off the floor.
Hold this position as long as you can and work up to a minute for three repetitions.
We all need strong core muscles to carry out our various daily tasks.
The core muscles come into action each time you bend to pick up something, or twist to reach for the phone, and your body needs a secure fixed point to carry out these actions.
In many cases these types of actions use the corset of muscles around our backs, and by strengthening these, you will have a more stable base for each action.

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