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What Are the Uses of a Dropper?

    Medical Uses

    • Droppers can be used to administer eye drops and ear drops. Young children may protest taking needed medication, and one easy way to administer a dose is to squeeze the rubber bulb and drop the liquid into the side of the infant's mouth. This will prevent gagging. You should always rinse a dropper with warm water after using it.

      Using a dropper, you can administer breast milk as a topical remedy for cuts, scratches and insect bites, and for all kinds of rashes to promote rapid healing. Dab or paint the affected area using a dropper filled with breast milk.

    Herbal Elixirs

    • Many people prefer natural remedies, and a dropper can be helpful in making honeys and herbal remedies such as such as elixirs of lemon balm, peach, cherry and ginger. After mixing and preparing the herbal ingredients, use a dropper to transfer a tiny amount of the elixir into a small container for use.

    Droppers Used In Crafts

    • Plastic droppers are ideal for measuring and mixing small amounts of paints and dyes for craft projects such as scrapbooking. Droppers are just the right size for 1-oz. liquid dyes and scents. You can also fill a dropper with colored water to use on art and craft projects.

    Droppers for Cooking

    • When a recipe calls for a small amount of any liquid ingredient, you can use a dropper to add the ingredient into any mixture. A dropper is the perfect size for very small amounts of oil flavorings such as peppermint.

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