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Photography is something enjoyed by all, regardless of social status or geographical barriers it encompasses the viewer as well as the photographer.
Each picture telling a story, from landscapes to portraits, candid and posed, photography is an art that can be appreciated by all.
There is a large variety of photography types, from print to digital, there is something for everyone.
Most everyone has a camera these days, snapping pictures for social networking, too awe inspiring scenes that captivate and immerse us into their grandeur.
There are many clubs, organizations, and networks you can get into to advance yourself into the hobby or career of photography.
The best resource to start with is right here on the Internet, where you are most likely reading this article.
The fascination with photography usually starts young, and when you think about it...
it surrounds you.
From magazines, to even TV, the Internet, to shopping at the grocery store, we are bombarded with images all the time.
This can be both good and bad, the image is just telling the story that the photographer captured, the mood of the moment and the action that is taking place.
There are those photographs that need nothing more than an audience to share in the splendor that the photographer has captured, and then there are those which could use the details to be enhanced or possibly an effect to bring out that hidden potential locked inside.
Editing digitial photo-images has become a corner stone to enhancing photography that we see from the Internet.
With just a computer, and software you can take the ordinary to the extraordinary, and share it with friends, family and peers alike.
Using color corrections, gamma, contrast controls is just the beginning.
The sophistication of the software world today now allows you to make a panorama, slide shows to be burned to DVD, Blu-ray or shared instantly on your favorite portals.
Digital Photography has taken the Internet by storm, with a plethora of sites dedicated to the storage and sharing of these memorable images.
Personalizing, and perfecting these photographs has also seen a mass production of software tools, from adding text, too design elements.
There are a variety of edits and effects to take that simple picture into a show stopping photograph.
Now, you can create a personalized touch for gifts and greetings, simple and easy...
Digital photography is an evolution in multimedia.
Photo Editing is something everyone can do, all you need is the eye for the image and inspiration to perfect it.

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