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Eureka 5848 Specs


    • The Eureka 5848 is 15 inches wide, 13 inches long and 44. 5 inches high. It weighs 24.2 lb.

    Power Details

    • The Eureka 5848 is a 12-amp appliance with a power cord, which is 30 feet long.

    Floor Cleaning Head

    • The floor cleaning head on the Eureka 5848 has a cleaning path of 15 inches. The brush roll within the cleaning head can be switched on and off. The height of the cleaning head can be adjusted according to the type of flooring being vacuumed.

    Cleaning Attachments

    • The Eureka 5848 is supplied with a dusting/upholstery brush, a crevice wand and an extension wand. To use these tools, the cleaner's hose is removed from the rear of the floor cleaning head and the required attachment is secured on to it. The cleaning attachments are carried on the cleaner.

    Dust Collection

    • The Eureka 5848 is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt are collected in a "dust cup," which is removed from the cleaner, emptied and cleaned, and secured back into position.


    • The cleaner is fitted with a high-efficiency particulate air filtration system (HEPA). There is a pre-motor filter, a filter within the dust cup and a filter at the rear of the cleaner.

    Handle Positions

    • The handle on the Eureka 5848 has three positions: upright, for storage; normal floor cleaning position; and flat, for cleaning flooring under low furniture.

      The vacuum is equipped with a stair cleaning handle so the main cleaning head can be used on stair treads.

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