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The Science of Astrology Horoscope versus Astrological Reading Are you a lover of real astrology, are you tired of seeing Astrology maligned and ridiculed? Many are simply unaware that Astrology is one of the oldest Sciences in the world.
My best friend Victor Delgado is a knowledgeable and caring Astrologer and it was, guided by his hand, that I learned to love and trust astrology.
Any one can print an "Astral Chart" and of course, modern computer programs could pinpoint with accuracy the exact house you were born in and in turn give an absolute location and alignment of every body.
From the smallest asteroid to the largest or most distant planet in the solar system and the exact position of every star in the galaxy as of any particular second of the day.
Go to software that is slightly more sophisticated and you will get highly accurate reports of each of their respective gravities and the extent of their influence, etc.
I was amassed when a web that I was visiting found immediately the small and remote town in Cuba were I was born so many years ago.
There are two parts to any good Astrological Reading.
They are an accurate chart and then an interpretation of the chart the combined results are a reading.
There are laterally 100's of programs with dozens of levels of accuracy and complexity that can generate a chart.
Simply plug in a date, time, place, and viola an astral chart.
Unfortunately, this is about where most automated programs end.
At best, they then provide a written as well as pictorial summary of the chart and those programs that are geared towards commercial enterprise summarize individual characteristics, predominant traits and astrological probabilities.
It is then wrapped in a neat package and given the title of Astrological Reading.
That is as saying the report of a cat-scan, mammogram or any other medical test is a medical diagnoses.
Well they are not and it's not a reading just a report.
Someone has to render the diagnoses, use their skill, knowledge and intuition to interpret the real meaning of it all and how it affects the subject party.
Guess what, it takes time and in today's world that is, something there is precious little of.
So we tend to demand instant results, on line mortgage and credit card approval, medical diagnoses, prescriptions and yes-astrological readings delivered to you in minutes if not seconds.
That's great as long as your comfortable with the idea that a computer, that on a basic level can only understand the concept of Zero (0) and One (1) and actually can't even recognize that, seeing only whether a switch is on or off, is capable of independent thought and analysis.
It would be impossible to print an astrology page in the newspaper that covered every contingency and variation that was possible for millions of people born.
People living all over the world that were born within a specific 30-day period and then account for the possibility that the birth nay have occurred at any time over the course of 30, 60, 90 or even 100 years or more.
(the possible permutations exceed 4.
1E27 (That's 41 followed by 27 zeros) Therefore, what gets printed in your newspaper is a generality, that probably is no more or less accurate for the people under that particular sign than it would be for the people in the sign that precedes or proceeds it.
At best what you see is good entertainment and it's free, or relatively so.
I don't have a problem with this, as it promotes an interest in, and serves as advertising (bad or good depending on your perspective) for astrology in general.
I call it, for want of a better description, "Media Hype -- Astrology.
" Kryon the nurturing Angel of the New Age as channeled by Lee Carroll has addressed Astrology in detail.
I will summarize some of his recent channeling on the way astrology works: The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system and the center of energy for all life including you.
There is a physical mechanism for sending information from the sun to the other planets and it has called the solar wind.
This energy stream carries with it whatever patterns of inter dimensional energy the sun has at that moment, and delivers it to anywhere that is in reach of the sun's magnetic field [the Helios].
Energy is always there, but its cycles vary in intensity.
Although science readily recognizes the solar wind as an energy, they have not officially recognized the inter dimensional patterns it carries to the planets as this windblasts out from the sun.
These patterns reflect the relational play between the sun and the other planets with their conflicting pushes and pulls created by gravity and countervailing magnetic fields (both are inter dimensional energies).
Therefore, these sun patterns change continuously as the relational positions of the sun and the planets change creating new gravitational and magnetic impulses and restrictions.
When the solar wind, carrying this sun pattern, hits the Earth, it deposits the pattern upon the magnetic grid.
The magnetic grid is dynamic (changes all the time), and is constantly realigned.
The grid lines of the planet alter the pattern slightly due to fact that your grids are not consistent and have greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations.
Human DNA is sensitive to magnetism, since it is a magnetic engine itself.
At birth, when the child is separated from the parent, there is a signal sent to the brain of the infant that says, "Your system is now active and on its own, apart from your mother.
" During that first breath of independent and unique life, the child's Inter-dimensional DNA receives the pattern from the magnetism of the Earth's grid, and takes on what we have come to call "astrological attributes.
" Different places on the planet will carry the basic pattern, plus or minus what Earth's magnetic field has contributed due to geographic location.
This explains why excellent astrology must take into consideration the location of birth.
Astrological Cartography is also based on this principle.
Astrology is the oldest science on the planet, and has when properly applied been proven to be accurate.
In addition, "generic" astrology is also a significant influence in Humanism, from the cycles of the female's system, to the profound changes in Human behavior when the moon is full.
You cannot separate yourself from it, and those who do not believe in it might as well not believe in breathing, because it is that much of an influence on your life.
The new energy on the planet invites you to change your Inter dimensional DNA.
Kryon teaches that when you change your Inter dimensional DNA, you are working with the very core of the pattern you had at birth, and you are able to then work on the attributes of your astrological blueprint, and actually change it and/or even neutralize it.
Kryon told us all about this in 1989.
Ascended Masters did this, and we are now coming into a time where our abilities are those of the masters.
Look into your life and eliminate the things that are negative and keep the attributes that support you.
This is the true balanced Human Being"

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