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Tips on Getting Over Jet Lag

    Your Body

    • Another way to combat jet lag? Drink lots of water before and during your trip.Empty airplane seats image by TekinT from

      Prepare your body by getting extra sleep a few days before your trip. Crossing over time zones messes with your internal clock and brings on that groggy feeling you're trying to combat. Bring a travel pillow, fleece blanket, soft socks or other comforts from home. If a whiff of lavender or a book on tape eases the stress of travel, then use it to help you transition to your next location.

      Avoid drinking alcohol in the terminal and on the airplane, or limit your intake to one glass. Instead of producing the desired relaxed effect, it makes it harder for the body to adjust to a new time zone. Try drinking more water before and during your trip.

      Once you arrive at your new destination explore your new surroundings. The sunlight will help reset your body's clock and exercise will feel good. Also, while trying to stay awake, consider getting a massage, joining a walking tour and head to public places for interaction.

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