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Electronic Arts iPhone Games

    • Electronic Arts (EA) is a company that produces a number of popular video game titles for many different gaming systems. EAMobile offers games that you can download and play on the iPhone and iPod. Many of these games are smaller versions of their popular computer and console titles. Hand-held versions of popular puzzle and board games are also available. You can purchase these games from the EAMobile website or through the iTunes store.

    The Sims

    • “The Sims” is a series of games where you design and create virtual families called Sims. You build and design their homes, direct them through a career and help them form relationships with other Sims. EAMobile has released both “The Sims 3” standard game and “The Sims 3 World Adventures.” The “World Adventures” game is a stand-alone game but it allows you to import any Sims that you created in the original “Sims 3” game on the iPhone.

    Rock Band

    • “Rock Band” is a rhythm and music game for video game consoles. The iPhone version of the game features 20 songs from popular recording artists and bands. You can play the parts of guitar, drums, bass or vocals alone or through online play. The game features a “Quickplay” mode that allows you to practice playing the songs and a “Tour Mode” for when you want to challenge yourself to an extended play mode.

    Classic Games

    • EAMobile publishes a number of classic puzzle and board games that have been configured to fit the iPhone platform. Board games include “Monopoly,” “Scrabble,” “Life” and “Battleship.” You can also play classic puzzle and strategy games such as “Connect 4,” “Clue,” “SimCity,” “Sudoku” and “Tetris.”

    Sports and Racing Games

    • EAMobile also offers a variety of games for sports and racing fans. Most of the popular sports are represented on the iPhone, with games such as “FIFA World Cup,” “NCAA Football,” “Madden NFL” and “NBA Live.” Racing fans can choose from popular racing games such as “Need for Speed Shift” or “Need for Speed Undercover.” Fans of skateboard games can download “Skate It” to play on their iPhone as well.

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