Family & Relationships Conflict

Three Steps Toward Solving Your Relationship Problem

Are you having a relationship problem? Are you an 'Ex'? Are you struggling with melodrama or constant fights in your attempt to get your ex back? Do you feel abandoned, but not ready to let your love go without a fight? Conflict is common in any long-term relationship.
No couple that has been together for any significant length of time is without their own memories of the screaming matches, long silences, and sarcasm used like a slug rifle.
Ouch! If you've broken up with your girl, you know what that feels like.
When the time comes to win her back, you first have to honestly ask yourself if you'd be better off without her.
If the answer is 'no', there are a few simple things to keep in mind in order to put yourself on the path to a second chance.
Look In the Mirror Examine yourself thoroughly.
Look at the way you used to act around your ex, and how you've changed since you and your ex became serious.
See if you can point to any specific change as the grounds for your break-up.
Most relationship problems come about because of these changes - if you can be the person they fell in love with, you're much more likely to win them back.
Don't Panic Don't get upset or furious over the idea of having broken up.
No matter how much it hurts you, acknowledge that you to spend some time apart.
Don't show her how much it hurts you! Simply take the time to remember carefully everything you loved about your time together, and do your best to keep that in your mind when you meet again.
Friends For Never No matter what she says when you finally talk about rejoining each other, being 'just friends' is a no-go from the get-go.
There's simply no way that a couple that has shared the kind of intimacy that you have could ever simply ignore what they know about one another and be casual acquaintances.
Make it clear to her that you want her back, but that being JUST her friend is not an option -- it will only hurt both of you in the long run.

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