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Royal Flush Detox

    What Is The Royal Flush Detox?

    • The Royal Flush Detox, also known as the Stat Royal Flush Detox, is a detoxification product that claims to help the body rid itself of unwanted toxins. Offered in both liquid and capsule form, this product is manufactured by a company called Sarken Nutrition and can be purchased online directly at its website.

    Reason For Use

    • According to the Sarken Nutrition website, toxins can accumulate over time in the liver and fat cells of the body. While those toxins are more difficult to remove in a cleanse, the Royal Flush Detox claims that it can remove toxic substances, such as caffeine, that are not stored in the fatty tissues.

    Instructions for Use

    • The Royal Flush website recommends avoiding any exposure to toxins for 24 to 48 hours prior to using its product. Once ready to begin the detox, it is suggested that you shake the bottle well and then consume all of its contents within 10 minutes. Once the entire contents of the bottle have been consumed, the empty bottle should then be filled with water, which should then be drunk within another 10 minutes.


    • The Royal Flush website claims that the user's peak time of cleanliness will be within 60 to 90 minutes of consuming the product. Royal Flush recommends urinating a minimum of two to three times, as toxins are eliminated primarily through the urinary cycle. According to the website, the effects last for up to 4 hours, whereupon toxins that have accumulated in the body's fat cells will begin to penetrate the blood stream.


    • The Royal Flush Detox product is not endorsed by medical doctors or any other trained medical practitioner. There is no compelling scientific evidence to substantiate the website's claims, and consumption should therefore be taken at your own risk. If you suffer from any medical complications, consult a doctor prior to starting the Royal Flush Detox.


    • The Royal Flush Detox has gained popularity amongst some users for its alleged ability to flush out the body prior to drug testing. Although there is no scientific data to support this, some users claim it helps eliminate the body of substances such as THC from marijuana, thereby helping drug abusers pass certain blood tests.

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