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Disability Benefits: Health Insurance While Disabled

If you receive disability benefits from Social Security you are eligible for health insurance coverage after 24 months.
Here are the basics of your health insurance coverage.
After you are approved for disability benefits you will have to wait 24 months to receive health insurance coverage.
After the 24 month waiting period you will be covered by Medicare for hospital visits, outpatient expenses, and prescription drugs.
Here is how your Medicare coverage works.
There are three parts of Medicare coverage.
Medicare part A covers your hospital stays.
There are no monthly premiums for this coverage; however in 2006 there is a $952 deductible before Medicare pays your hospital expenses.
After you meet your deductibles Medicare typically pays 80% of your expenses and you are responsible for 20% of the cost.
Medicare part B pays your outpatient expenses including visits to your doctor.
There is a monthly premium for Medicare part B in 2006 is $88.
50 per month.
You are eligible for prescription drug coverage under Medicare.
This coverage is part D of Medicare.
You may be required to pay a monthly premium depending on the plan you choose.
Medicare part D plans are administered by private insurance companies and there is a $250 annual deductible before Medicare pays for your prescription drugs.
To learn more about disability benefits and your Medicare coverage, visit the website "Social Security Laid Bare" using the links below.

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