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Googlepage And Page Design Techniques-internet Marketing

Google Page is free and easy to use. Google Page offers 41 page skins (templates) and a simple editor to create pages. Simply add text, upload pictures, video, music and files, click “publish” and your page exists on the world wide web. Google offers 100 Mb of space and is coupled to your GMail account. As with all Google services, there are adequate official and non-official help pages and forums GPC) which is still in testing phase (Beta).
Page Design Techniques You can combine the Page skins with four different layouts as each page requires.
Example: You might decide that your home page layout should have a left column for navigation, a center column for a short explanation and a right column for pictures all on a grey skin background. Your next page might have much more text and you can decide for the left column navigation but to combine the center and right column into one all on a white background. By shifting between the Change Looks and Layout options you can make each page different from the other. You also have the option of using headers and footers when and where you want.
More Flexibility If you require more flexibility you can add your own html commands if you are familiar with web design. Simply click the “Edit html” link on the bottom of the Google Page editor and add whatever you need. If you require any sort of scripting such as Google AdSense tm, you can upload html files and link to them.
Example. You create a page and decide you want to add Google AdSense in the left column. Simply publish the page and view it online in your browser. You can either view the page source or save the file as an html document on your hard-disk. Using a text editor you can then add the AdSense script in the left column and close the file. Go back to your Google Page editor and upload the xx.htm file from your hard disk. Link to it from existing Google Page documents and you have a custom page. A small disadvantage at the moment is that you cannot use the GooglePage editor to make changes to the page since the editor will automatically strip out the script. This will change.
Some users of GooglePages have commented that the editor lacks some fundamentals which exist in GoogleBlog. However, it must be remembered that the purpose of GooglePages is a simple way for people to create web pages for free. Plus, GooglePage is still in Beta and like all Google products, under constant review.
How to sign upYou need a Google Mail account (Gmail) to sign up for GooglePage. Currently whatever name you choose for your Gmail account becomes your GooglePage name automatically (Google hints that this will change). For example, if you sign up for a GMial account using John Doe, your free web page will be called
What can you create?Already users have created clever and artistic personal, business, photo, religious, technical and entertaining web pages. There are also tips in the forums as to how to add AdSense, page counters, video , music and Googlemaps Start today and add yours.

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