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Automotive sector in UAE comprising of auto component sub sector too, is in the phase of gradual change as days pass by. The level of competition increased as the auto industry is becoming more and more standardized. Major auto component manufacturers and distributors world-wide are nowadays focusing on basic design and assembly operations. With the spread up of component sector, their imports too have shown a considerable growth in UAE. Middle East in general and the GCC in particular is a fast growing market for automotive industry and many of the auto giants are planning to shift their operations and production base into this developing country.

The United Arab Emirates is a nation of dynamic, social, economical and ecological systems where sophisticated modern infrastructure exists sideways with desert landscape and customary cultural practices. Despite having the most diversified economy in the Middle East, UAE largely depends upon hydrocarbons for economic growth. Possessing 6th global rank in total proven reserves of oil and gas, UAE became the net importer of natural gas. Just like other industries, the reduction in trade barrier and the lowest shipping cost has marked considerable changes in both the economy and the automobile sector in UAE.

Emirates stood at the top among the high consumption markets within GCC, even though the manufacturing is limited to a few assembly lines for buses and trucks. Global production of passenger cars and other commercial vehicles in UAE grew at a rate of four to five percentages with major portion contributed by Dubai. The region has a high ratio of passenger cars per hold. Even though, emirates still do not have a manufacturing unit of its own, it would open up a way to the assembly unit of foreign manufacturer in the light of the growing demand for low cost cars in the region. UAE also eyes on making strategic investments in European auto firms, which would open up way for building domestic auto industry.

Dubai is recognized as a major destination for buying and selling both used and new cars and is the home to an array of car manufacturing companies and car dealers in UAE. Dubai's budget car and also the luxury car sectors are on a boom. Major car giants are challenging their dominance here pertaining to both new and used car in Dubai for sales. In order to make people aware of better deals, several service providers are there in Dubai. Almost all dealerships offer price-savvy deals on buying and selling cars ranging from the ordinary ones to the most luxurious ones. Car dealers in Dubai offer a wide variety of cars in their online inventory. Customers can search cars online for the best model and make that best suits their requirement. Only after getting confirmed with the price, model and make the car can be purchased online from the dealers.

Emirates possess the highest number of cars per hold with Dubai leading the way. Recent studies say that, an increase has been noticed in the amount of visitors flocking to Dubai, either for a pleasure trip or for a family tour. In any of the cases, they have to buy or rent a car affordably, which can fulfill their demand. After all, UAE is the global market for many of the luxurious cars. If you are looking to buy a used car or new car or need to sell your old car, we will assist you. For more information visit

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