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How to Create a Globe Icon


    • 1). Find an image of a globe on your computer or download one from the Internet.

    • 2). Open GIMP and select "File" and "Open."

    • 3). Navigate to the picture of the globe and click "Open."

    • 4). Click "Image," then select "Canvas Size." Enter the width and height of your new icon. If you want to use it for a Microsoft Windows program or folder, use 16 by 16 pixels. Click "Resize."

    • 5). Click "File" and select "Save As." Type the name for your new icon and be sure to select ".ico" for the file extension.


    • 1). Download Imagicon from the Devious Codeworks website.

    • 2). Open Imagicon and click "File" and "Open."

    • 3). Navigate to your globe icon and click "Open." Imagicon will automatically create the icon and save it in the same directory as the original image with a size of 16 by 16 pixels.

    • 4). Click "Settings," then select "Icon Settings" to change the default image dimensions.

    RealWorld Icon Editor

    • 1). Download the RealWorld Icon Editor from their official site.

    • 2). Open RealWorld Icon Editor and click "File" and "Open."

    • 3). Open the image of a globe saved on your computer.

    • 4). Click "Create" in the menu, then select "Icon."

    • 5). Check the boxes next to the size of the icon or icons you want to create, then click "OK."

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