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Features Of Military Boots That Make Them An Endearing Option

Top brands like Converse, Oakley and Thorogood put in plenty of effort and thorough research to manufacture high quality military boots. These boots come with features like excellent durability, great traction and flexibility that ensure that your feet are safe and comfortable irrespective of the work conditions or weather conditions. Some of these boots are made of flame resistant materials which also resist most types of fuels, chemicals and even UV rays. In other words, these boots can withstand a wide spectrum of adverse and harsh conditions and still come out unscathed, a quality that is highly valued in the boots used in warfare.

military boots from top brands have several layers of fibers woven together along with resins and thermoplastic films for solid construction that can protect the feet even against splintered materials, nails and glass. Patented linings are used in these boots to provide comfort to the feet and also breathability. These boots need breathability in order to keep the feet comfortable in spite of wearing the boots for a long time.

military boots usually come with full grain leather uppers which ensure excellent abrasion resistance and longevity. These boots also boast of traction which provides stability to the feet in slippery and wet surfaces. Moreover, these boots have to be ergonomically designed so that they fit the feet perfectly. The rubber outsoles not only provide excellent traction but are also durable on all kinds of surfaces, including oil or chemical affected surfaces that could be very harmful for the boots. The design of the boots is also such that it promotes agility and performance that is not hindered due to discomfort or excess weight.

military boots are also ideal in scenarios where feet can get affected due to hard surfaces. Polyurethane is used in order to absorb shock and reduce the amount of impact that is usually passed on to the heels. There is comfortable padding and cushioning including removable inserts that ensure that the feet are in good shape and condition, in spite of going through rough and tough conditions. Some of these boots are also tactical which is owing to their quiet performance ideal for covert operations.

The mesh linings which are in place for promoting ventilation and odor elimination in military boots are also treated with a solution that helps in enhancing their antimicrobial nature. In fact, some boots have a moisture wicking lining that absorbs every trace of moisture from inside the boots, preventing sweat from hampering one"s comfort or performance. Temperature control is promoted through special foot beds which are capable of regulating the temperature. The boots also have high grade eyelets, laces and lace loops with anti-rust brass hooks. Over-the-ankle boot shafts are present in lot of combat and jungle boots to provide better protection for the feet. The outsoles are not only durable but also puncture resistant. They are also slash resistant. This feature is further complemented by the gusseted tongue which can block the entry of dust and debris into the shoes.

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