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How to Sell a Junk Car in Indiana

    • 1). Use the Used Parts Central website to find a list of junkyards in Indiana. Junkyards are the first place many people go when they need to get rid of an older car or one that no longer runs. You should call as many junkyards as possible to see if they buy vehicles and what kind of prices they pay.

    • 2). Donate your old junk car to the Donation Line. They have offices in several areas of the state, including Evansville, Fort Wayne, Hammond and Indianapolis. Donation is a great choice if you find you can’t sell your old junk car. You can write off the donation on your taxes the next year.

    • 3). Look to nearby states for assistance. Those living in Gary will find that Chicago is a great place to look, while South Bend people may want to focus on Michigan buyers and Clarksville residents may find help in Kentucky, especially Louisville. Listing your car in one of their newspapers increases the number of offers you get.

    • 4). Try the internet if you’re hoping to sell your old junk car. There are a number of different websites including classified ads and auction sites where you can list a vehicle. You can also use newspapers in Indiana to sell your car on their website such as the Indianapolis Star or South Bend Tribune.

    • 5). Call dealerships in the area as well as dealerships in larger areas like Indiana and Bloomington. Some dealerships will buy junk cars because they can put in the work and effort and then sell the car later. You can even take the car there first to get an estimate of what they’ll pay.

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