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Step-by-Step Body Detox

    Drink More Water

    • The first step in a detoxification is to drink more water every day. This is a way to flush out the system. Water provides the hydration the body needs to create blood and other substances the body requires for a healthy life. Water also dilutes any harmful materials, like poisons. According to the American Dietetic Association, "a minimum of 64 ounces of water or water-based beverage per day is a good start." Other good liquids to drink are fruit juices, vegetable juices and teas. The ADA also recommends limiting or avoiding alcohol use. During detoxification it is best to avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol and sodas.

    Eat a Balanced Diet

    • A good diet is the second step in a detoxification program. Fresh fruits and vegetables offer the body fiber, minerals and vitamins. Healthy foods provide the necessary nutrients for good health. These high-fiber foods also help with detoxification. Fiber makes fecal matter soft and loose, which reduces constipation and makes a person have more bowel movements. The digestive system processes foods and then eliminates wastes and other unneeded materials. By cleaning out the colon, the body has fewer toxins and debris. Dr. Nagwa Khodr, in his article "Colonic Hydrotherapy," states that if the body can't process nutrients, "the colon reabsorbs toxins into the bloodstream, lowering the body s defenses."

    Exercise More

    • A third step in detoxifying the body is exercise. Toxins are mostly stored in the body's fatty tissues. People who are overweight have more fat in their bodies and more toxins than those of average weight. One way to reduce the amount of toxins in the body is to burn fat by exercising. As long as a person is physically active, she will burn fat. Exercise also strengths the muscles, increases metabolism and improves heart and lung function. Aerobic exercise is beneficial and burns fat at a faster rate, but stretching and yoga also burn fat. The more exercise you do, the more you detoxify the body.

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