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How To Create A Passive Income Stream, Passive Income Stream Using The Social Media

There are thousands of freelance writing experts online who literally earn their living from the web platforms like elance.
com, odesk.
com and similar freelancing websites.
They usually work as ghostwriters and make money writing for others.
However, they don't make a lot of money for each article or page; and they work really hard to make that money.
In the other hand, the buyer who's hiring them is making a lot of money - basically passive income from his website for the content written by the ghostwriter.
He just knows how to make things work and how the content can be used for making such amount.
Fortunately, there are some platforms that allow writers make money just like the internet marketers; the writers will earn royalties for their articles for the rest of their lives.
com is the best platform among these, here's why: Why Squidoo is the best passive income generator online for the freelance writers? Squidoo.
com comes up with a very simple, yet effective concept.
This makes money out of the content submitted by others.
However, they also let these contributors to make money.
Their platform is considered as a web 2.
0 platform that allows mass contribution by the members where the administrators have the rights to remove the content if necessary.
However, the platform makes money from the advertisement related to the content published here.
The reasons why, this is the most suitable platform for the writers are: #1 you just need an email address to join FREE! That's the best thing about Squidoo.
com; joining is free and open to everyone.
You just need an email address to create an account and submit content.
You may need to insert some other information to make your profile attractive, get more attention from the fellow contributors and administrators.
This exposure will help you make a better impression and make more money from Squidoo.
This platform always encourages the submitters to come out, introduce and stay active in the community.
Doing this will make your content look better, reliable and useful to others! #2 an amazing platform, superb interface and a wonderful community Squidoo.
com has an amazing, user-friendly platform.
Even if you have no idea of a website design, you can still create your own squidoo blog and get lots of visitors in seconds.
You can create good-looking blog posts on this website, you just need some contents.
You can also create more valuable content by adding videos, images and other graphical objects.
The platform will let you add many things to make the content look better and more useful! #3 authority of Squidoo.
com on the search engines Finally, you just can't ignore the reputation of Squidoo.
com on the search engines.
The articles and blogposts rank really well on Google.
com, Yahoo.
com and Bing.
com searches and get visitors from organic sources.
If you've written a high quality, useful article, you will make a lot of money from a single article, even without promoting that!

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