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3 Interesting Ways to Make Money From Blogs

I am always fascinated at the many different ways people are making money on the Internet today.
One way that has gained in acceptance over the years is making money as a blogger.
In this article we'll take a look at three interesting ways to make money from blogs that you can work towards.
Make money flipping blogs.
This concept has worked very well for real estate investors over the years when they buy a house, fix it up, and turn around and sell it for profit.
There are a couple of ways you can do the same thing with blogs.
For starters you can purchase an existing blog, fix it up in various ways, and turn around and quickly sell it.
Another thing you can do is start a blog, build it up to where it's profitable, and then sell it.
Either way, making money flipping blogs can be very profitable, or it can be a lot of fun as well.
Develop multiple blogs and turn them into Internet cash machines.
This can be a lot of work, but the concept is no different than any traditional brick-and-mortar franchise.
The more blogs you have online the more potential income you can earn.
You will find the key to operating hundreds of blogs is to outsource many of the daily content functions.
A simple way to make money is to become an affiliate marketer and place Google AdSense ads on the thousands of blog pages you will have.
One of the most interesting ways to make money from blogs that I have seen recently is selling big-time advertising.
There are bloggers who are developing content rich blogs and making a lot of money selling advertising on them.
I heard one story of a guy in Australia who started a car blog and in less than two years was turning the $20,000 month profit from it.
There are many more stories just like this.
To sell big-time advertising on your blog you need a lot of traffic coming to it.
To get a lot of traffic coming to your blog you need a lot of content rich pages on it.
However the long term investment into getting this traffic can pay you back as a six or seven figure income earner just from one blog.
In conclusion these are three interesting ways to make money from blogs.
Whether you flip them, develop a large number of them, or concentrate on building one large one, there is a lot of money to be made.

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