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Bipolar Syndrome And Suicidal Tendancies

Sylvia Plath and the Bell Jar have always resonated with me.
It takes a lot for me to feel like another person.
To feel like someone else actually understands the pain and everything else I deal with on a daily basis.
The part where she ends it all kills me inside.
I'm a mother, and the thought of leaving my children behind tears me apart inside.
In fact, it's the one thing that holds me to this realm no matter how badly I feel, or whats going through my mind at the time.
Another thing that seals my fate of never going through with those nasty little thoughts is knowing that by taking my own life I would make my children 7 times more likely to do the same.
Not only would I be robbing them of their mother, I would possibly be robbing them of their own lives, and that's something I could never do.
Suicide may often feel like the easy way out when your at the end of your rope.
When you've cried every tear, screamed out every thought, and are ready to end it all.
And honestly, if you look at it logically it's not the easy way out.
Sure, it may be easy for you, but what about all those you leave behind, all those who are left grieving for you, and mourning you.
Think twice before you end your life, because it may not be just your life you end, it could very well be the lives of those around you as well.
Get the help you need, no matter the cost, because taking your own life is simply too high a price to pay, no matter the reason.
If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, take note.
No matter how unlikely it may seem to you, it is very real to the person feeling that way.
Bipolar disorder can alter the way we view things, and the world at large, and all it takes is one depressive episode too many or a manic mood to far up to cope to drive a person over the edge.
And once over that edge, there is no return.

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