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Imperial Concubines

My Past Life Memory: Among many my past lives I regressed by myself, I found out that a lot of times I was living in royal families in Chinese palaces. Sometimes I had been the imperial concubines of Chinese emperors in different dynasties. I used to be the concubine of emperor Yongzhen in Qing dynasty when I was Meifei, the concubine of Ming Xuanzong and the concubine of King Pingxi in Qing dynasty when I was the famous beauty Yuanyuan Chen.

There is one life I was a Chinese princess of Han dynasty before the life as the female scholar Ban Zhao who is also a historian. By the end of Tang dynasty, I was the concubine of the King of Nanzhao Kingdom in Dali of China.

Most of the time, I had a stable personality with great virtues and a lot of talents. However, this time in Qin dynasty (the first dynasty of China), when I was the emperor II, the second son of Qin Shi-huang, I ruined my country by my blindness, mistrust to the evil enuch, irresponsible for my leadership and indulged into physical enjoyments.

My name was Huhai- a young man who was involved in a conspiracy of murdering his own brother for the throne. The scence of that life is weired, twisted, painful and shameful. I had a high-pitched unnature voice, not like in most of my past lives I had nice, elegant voices as godnesses. According the studies of hypnosis and the law of karma, I should have met some of those roles tightly related to me in past lives already in my current life.

I think that I already identify at least one of them - the former emperor Yongzheng who was my husband then, is my first boyfriend in this life. They two have exact the same double personalities. My boyfriend used to tell me that he did not trust anyone and is a kind of person who always "hide a knife under the pillow in case someone jumps from the window stabbing me to death..." when he was 19 years old. He showed extreme interests in politics and strong thirst of power and control.

Coincidently in the history, emperor Yongzhen is known for being murdered by a female who revenged for her father's execution. The way the emperor was killed matches exactly what my ex-boyfriend's fearness according to the chinese legends.

The first time I visited Forbidden City was with him. We hand in hand stepped up the white rock stairs with a big flat square rock in the center carved with dragons and waves in the palace - I remembered I had stepped on it somewhere ever since I was a little baby (but I only saw it one time in Forbidden City after I grew up).

That is the only time I visited the palace and we were together. It is a kind of reunion with the past. He is an instructor in an university of China now. He is a very telent man and very mean too just like that emperor, they both are very obbsessed with Zen of buddism. I think that my current brother used to be the King Pingxi.

Questions and Answers:

Q. How did you come by this memory?
A. During Astral Flight

Q. Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?
A. Not Sure

Q. Did you experience actually being this person or were you viewing a past life as an observer?
A. I felt I was living as this person

submitted in July 2004

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