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Vintage Chanel 2.55 - Now Buy it Online!

There are very few bags which can be considered to be in the league of evergreen fashion, and the vintage Chanel 2.
55 definitely happens to be one of them.
In fact, it is that one bag which created a revolution in the world of handbags, and changed people's mindset on how handbags and purses could be manufactured.
This particular bag was invented by Coco Chanel herself, with just one basic thought in mind - to create a bag that would help free a woman's hands, and would at the same time fit all her necessary things and be comfortable to carry.
She added a double chain shoulder strap to the bag for that purpose.
The unique design of the bag which looks like quilted diamonds was actually inspired from the coats that jockeys used to wear.
Till date, this design is extremely famous and is used in a number of Chanel bags.
Also known as the classic flap bag, the Chanel 2.
55 is loved by almost every woman on this planet.
It was invented in February 1955, and thus it was named 2.
55 after its invention date.
There is a large exterior pocket on the bag for bigger things, while the interior pockets are perfect for keeping items such as lipsticks.
The CC logo, which acted as a monogram as well as the clasp for the bag was the idea of Karl Lagerfeld, somewhere in the 1980s.
Since then, practically anything that has the CC logo on it has become a style statement for a woman.
The vintage Chanel 2.
55 is available in many different sizes and colours.
You can choose from the classic black and white, or go in for shades such as ivory and blue.
You also have the option of choosing from either gold or silver hardware.
Usually, it is recommended that if you wear more of whites, light coloured clothes, and shades of pink, then you should go in for the silver hardware.
On the other hand, if you wear more earthy shades or colours such as yellow, mustard, brown etc.
then you should go in for the gold hardware.
Once you buy the bag, you will know that it is made from the finest quality of leather, and is extremely soft to touch.
The stitching is so intricate, and the bag looks completely trendy, stylish and sophisticated - all at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Get your vintage Chanel 2.
55 now!

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