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Buy Tortoises - FAQ

When you are thinking or buying a pet tortoise there are a number of things you should consider before you decide on the right type for you and your lifestyle.
Look carefully for a reputable dealer/breeder and be sure to ask a few pertinent questions.
Here are a number of questions to ask before deciding to buy tortoises, such as: o How long the breeder has been breeding these pets? o How are the parents? o How is the health of the parents? o Can you view them as well as the offspring? o Have they ever suffered from any diseases that could be passed on to the baby tortoises? o What sort of enclosure or house are they kept in? You may be able to find a suitable tortoise in a local pet shop but you will not usually be able to find out the answer to these questions as the breeders supplying the pet shops may not have given this information to the shop owner.
If you find a one you wish to buy check to see there are no obvious problems such as dehydration or parasites, check it is eating well and if necessary leave for a few days and go back to the shop to view the tortoise again.
Important things you need to look for before you decide to buy tortoises: o It is bright and alert and should be aware of its environment.
o The eyes should be clear and bright.
If there is fluid in the eye, this is normal.
There should not be any crusty material present though.
If the tortoise does not open their eyes do not buy it.
This may be a sign of other health trouble.
o The nose should be clear of clean and not have any discharge.
Check it is breathing through its nose not just the mouth, this could indicate some respiratory distress.
o Look to see if there is any injury to the legs.
Gently pull on the back leg as it should pull back..
if it will not do this, avoid it.
o Look to see if there is any obvious sign of diarrhoea or parasitic infection.
o Look to see if the shell is in tact and hard, no signs of bleeding, cracked or severely damaged shells.
o Pick up the tortoise, it should feel heavy.
If possible you may get a guarantee from the breeder or pet shop owner but this will only cover a short time.
However, once you take your pet home if possible take it to a specialised vet who can have a proper look over it to check for injury or disease and you will be able to take it back to the breeder or shop owner for a refund.
When looking to buy tortoises you have a number of different things to take into account especially if you want to look after it successfully.

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