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Majority Of Gamers Still Have Faith In Sony

When a recent survey asked a large percentage of consumers if they had lost faith in Sony since the PSN data breach, the consensus was well and truly NO. A huge 59% of those surveyed said they would stick with the company and opinions were very definite that if banks, governments and even FBI networks get hacked it seems unfair to single out Sony as being a bungling incompetent company.

The Sony PlayStation 3 has been one of the most popular game consoles since its first version release and has been acknowledged as one of the highest selling video game consoles in the world, so it is no wonder that gamers are keeping the faith with Sony, all-be-it that the breach took them away from online gaming for some time.

The technology allows the gamer to access the Internet and play online, but having said that the network suffered its longest ever downtime all started by an external intrusion which was first detected on April 20th 2011.

Restoration is now complete with advanced security technology and increased levels of encryption, also additional firewalls, and ardent gamers true to Sonys PlayStation 3 have been very patient and loyal to their favourite console and are going nowhere.

The PlayStation 3 game console has grabbed the attention of gamers the world over and has changed the way people think about home entertainment systems. Furthermore, a lot of consumers feel why would they give up on such a masterpiece when things go wrong, but more importantly things have now been put right with more sophistication and security.

Although there have been other problems that gamers have encountered with the PlayStation 3 console such faults as YLOD (yellow light of death) freezing, not reading games or movies, not accepting discs, the faithful still do not give up on this phenomenal console.

The obvious solution if a fault is found is to take the console to a PlayStation 3 repair service, a service that will not hold onto your console for days and days, a service that will repair the fault at a competitive price, and have you back to gaming as soon as possible.

A reputable PS3 repair team will check the console out and give you their diagnosis on what is wrong and how they can fix it, do not be tempted to take the console away and have a go fixing yourself, these machines are very complex, and you could do more harm than good, put your trust in a PlayStation 3 repair team.

A spokesman for PS Pros a reputable PlayStation 3 repair facility based in London said we have been repairing PlayStation 3s for years, we also refurbish if that is what it takes, and we offer a same day PlayStation 3 repair service, if the customer is local to London, if not, we can pick up from their location, repair, and deliver back, the cost of repairs is very competitive, and we defy the customer to find better in the area.

If you are still one of the faithful and hanging onto your PS3 but need the service of a good repair company, it would seem that you just need to log on and see what PS Pros can do for you.

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