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Master This Law To Explode Your MLM Business

Reading is a main way to evolve your mlm enterprise. Knowledge is paramount to success. I not long ago re-read a couple chapters from the book, The 48 Laws Of Power which highlights 48 principles of power. It gives examples throughout the past of those who obeyed the law and were prevailing and people who did not and were not successful. A pretty worthy read, but I would add a 49th law that absolutely applies to each MLM business;

Successfully Master Discipline to Master Discipline.

DISCIPLINE - Activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.

At the Numis Network Convention in Tampa, Florida, my primary MLM company advisers, Jessica Perretti and Ray Higdon, cleaned house on awards night. Jessica was selected the top female income maker and top female recruiter. Ray was acknowledged as the leading income maker and the first and only Ambassador. Jessica's June commission check was over $10,000 and Ray's June numis check cleared $50,000!

You may make more or less money with your MLM business, but my point is that this type of accomplishment comes from netting discipline into your daily regimen. I listened to one of Ray's trainings on "How to generate steady mlm leads using twitter." He laid out how to make Twitter your business asset, and he gave away his complete recipe on how he has become the number one income earner in his enterprise. However what really stuck with me was Ray's teaching on the value of applying DISCIPLINE to your MLM business.

3 Discipline Take-Aways For Your MLM
Stick to a Daily Schedule: Different than working a job, you can set your own hours in your MLM business. For the disciplined, this is a blessing; for the undisciplined this can be difficult. My prior supervisor used to always say that, "work expands to fill the time alloted to complete the job." If you budget eight hours to complete a job, then it will take nearly 8 hours. However, if you focus solely on the task at hand, you will wrap up the job in far less time. Setting a deadline makes you more productive.

Work Your Business: Discipline requires hard "mental" work, but it is the backbone to your success. A few years ago during the NFL draft one of the first round draft picks was chosen earlier than foreseen based on his perceived skill set. He said, "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." That is seldom as true than in the MLM and internet marketing realm.

You cannot fail at your MLM business; you can only quit: They say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. Have you put in your hours? If you survey the top MLM income earners in the business, they most likely average more than 10,000 hours of work time. While that sounds like a great time investment, take into account the alternative. 10,000 hours = 4.8 years of working a 40 hour/wk. job. What will be your income on your job in 5 years? Will you have a 9 to 5 in 5 years?

By investing time into yourself to discover a new skill set, you can write your own check with your MLM business. But you have to produce and stick to a schedule, work your business and be committed to a 5 year plan. This takes discipline, but success will follow!

See you at the top,

Mark Walden

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