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How to Install Tires on Wheels

    • 1). Place the rim, or wheel, flat on the floor so that it doesn’t roll away. If your rim has a nice facing to it, place it on a flat cardboard box so the finished side of the rim is on the floor and the unfinished side of the rim is pointing upward.

    • 2). Put the tire over the rim so the rim fits into the center of the tire. One end of the tire will go into the rim, and the other end of the tire will stick up over the rim. Again, if you have a nice tire with one finished side, you’ll want that side of the tire to face toward the ground.

    • 3). Insert a crowbar between the tire and rim and pull the crowbar up, toward yourself. The tire will stretch over and down onto the rim.

    • 4). Hold the crowbar in place and then insert another crowbar a few inches from the first and pull that one in the same fashion as you pulled the first. Here is where you’ll need the help of a friend if you can’t do it by yourself.

    • 5). Remove the first crowbar and insert it at another section of the tire, a few inches from the second crowbar and stretch the tire over the rim again. Repeat this step switching from one crowbar to another until you’ve managed to stretch the entire tire over the rim. Note that as you have less tire to stretch, it will become increasingly difficult to stretch the tire so you’ll need additional muscle if you cannot do it on your own.

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