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Falling in Love - Do Men Tend to Pull Back When They Are Deeply in Love?

There are so many misconceptions that women buy into when they are in relationships.
We tend to take the advice of trusted friends over our own common sense.
A perfect example is when you're crazy in love with a man who suddenly pulls away.
Your better judgment tells you that he's lost interest but your best friends and family may suggest that the reason he's creating distance is that he's fallen deeply in love with you.
It's so much less painful to believe that, isn't it? It's romantic to the millionth degree to believe that your guy is so in love that he's overwhelmed and just needs a chance to catch his breath before he explodes emotionally.
Sadly, that's the stuff that Hollywood screenplays are based on.
Your reality isn't nearly as captivating as that.
If your guy is pulling back, take it for exactly what it is.
Any woman in a relationship in which her man pulled back will tell you that it had little to do with his heart being overcome with love and adoration.
It had everything to do with him suddenly losing interest based on something that either she did or that happened between them.
Here's a prime example of what often occurs: you're dating a terrific guy and you see visions of wedding dresses and children dancing in your head.
You tell him as much and he smiles and nods his head up and down.
After that sentimental moment, he bolts, and you don't hear from him for days.
You take his absence to mean that he's trying to keep himself together because he wants the future you speak of so desperately.
In reality, he's thinking you're way too pushy and he sees you as the desperate one.
Your dreams of a happily-ever-after future may have just pushed your prince charming away for good.
The fact is that if a man is deeply in love with a woman he wants nothing more than to be with her as much as he possibly can.
He wants to hear her voice and he longs to read an email or text message from her.
He works hard to rearrange his life so she becomes his number one priority.
He hates when too much time passes and he can't see her or speak with her.
That's the true sign of a man in love.
Being realistic about what his actions really mean will give you a foot up when it comes to saving the relationship.
If you continue to bury your head in the romantic sand and believe that he's disappeared from your life for days because he can't shoulder his deep and unending love for you, you're mistaken.
He's pulled back because something inside of him changed.
He's lost interest or you've done something that has turned him off.
Remember, many men are fickle in the early stages of a relationship.
Pinpoint when his feelings changed and you can use that as a springboard to get things back on track so he does indeed fall hopelessly in love with you.

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