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Natural Mouse Deterrent

There are all sorts of pest repellents out there that are specifically designed to deter various creatures that many people consider a nuisance.
There are actually several different categories that these items can be divided into as well.
It is actually quite surprising to me that so many people out there have little idea at all about one in particular.
Everyone thinks that to eliminate a mouse problem, you have to kill them with traps or poisons.
Folks, I am here to tell you that that is not the case.
There are many natural ways to discourage mice from settling into a home.
In this post, I will cover a few of the basic methods of natural mouse deterrent.
To dissuade mice from entering or staying in a home naturally, a person needs to keep a clean home.
Having a clean home front can greatly increase the odds of a deterrent strategy actually working.
Don't leave food laying around everywhere for the mice to party it up with later, try to do the best that you can to leave as little as possible for them to nibble on later.
Scented oils are yet another decent way to prevent mice from hunkering down in your house.
Not too mention that the smell of peppermint is delightful.
I just love the smell of peppermint, don't you? Well, many people out there are speaking of how well this little natural trick works.
It turns out that the smell is a mite too intense for mice to handle and that they usually keep their distance from it.
It seems that when their noses are full of peppermint, they can hardly catch the drift of any other wafting smells.
Folks, if their noses are full of that sweet smell of peppermint, then how are they going to find any morsels of food lying around?

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