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Better camping loos

Many of us hate the thought of using toilets on camping holidays. Where such facilities are provided at sites, they rarely seem to be clean or at all pleasant. If you take your own portable solution then this also has its problems.

Why aren't campsite owners able to do a better job when it comes to the loos? It may be that many of them simply don't see the situation as being a priority. This is a real shame and it's certainly worth complaining if you find that facilities aren't up to scratch.

Although there have been improvements in many locations, there's no doubt that far greater improvements could still be made. If you're paying money to camp somewhere then you have every right to expect a higher level of standards.

What about if you prefer the idea of taking your own toilet? This can be a good answer to the problem, enabling you to have far greater control over the standards and facilities. But are there problems involved with this approach?

Many people complain that standard camping loos are nowhere near being as portable as they should be. The problem is that they are often bulky, which means that they take up far too much room in the car.

They also usually make use of chemicals. This is not great news for the environment and many parents worry about transporting and using such chemicals close to children. So is there a better approach available?

There is a relatively new product here in the UK that is called a Biotoi. It's basically a folding camping toilet that doesn't require the use of chemicals. That means that it's highly portable and also good to the environment.

It's a greatly improved solution and is well worth considering if you're looking for a better camping toilet.

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