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Hells Kitchen Season Six Introducing the Girls from the Red Team

Meet the eight women who will be feeling the wrath of the great Gordon ramsay in the second Hell\'s Kitchen season to be aired this year. Season Six sees the girls and guys vying for a job in Whistler, Canada, with the last chef standing after having their colleagues eliminated week after week! Now meet the women who will be being tortured for the benefit of their professioanl acreers and our entertainment!

Chef Amanda

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Age: 27

Occupation: Sous Chef

Kitchen Experience: 3 years

Culinary Education: French Culinary Institute, New York City, NY

Culinary Inspiration: Grandparents

Resides: New York, NY

Notes: Born in Portland, Oregon, Amanda spent her formative years in Vancouver, Washington. While playing sports in high school, she received the nickname, "Rodman" because of her competitive nature and language. At 17, Amanda became ill but decided to let nothing stand in her way. What she wanted most was a culinary career. She is giving her chance in Hell\'s Kitchen her 100 percent.

Chef Tek

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Age: 27

Occupation: Line Cook

Kitchen Experience: 9 years

Culinary Education: On-the-job training

Culinary Inspiration: Father

Resides: New York, NY

Notes: Tek grew up in Greenwich, CT. A self-described rebellious adolescent, Tek immersed herself in the NYC Punk scene. Working in the technology field is where she was given the name Tek and despite discovering a desk job was not for her, the name stuck. She moved south, was hired as a dishwasher and prep cook and caught the culinary bug. Tek returned to NYC where she\'s pursuing her culinary career and is raising her son.

Chef Ariel

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Age: 27

Occupation: Sous Chef

Kitchen Experience: 8 years

Culinary Education: Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America

Culinary Inspiration: Grandmother

Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Notes: Raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Ariel demonstrated artistic and creative abilities at a young age. She traveled extensively growing up and her international exposure helped her develop an appreciation for all cuisines. After two years of college, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in culinary school where she found she could express her creativity through food. Ariel has been dedicated to her craft since graduating.

Chef Lovely

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Age: 23

Occupation: Exec. Chef Children\'s Camp

Kitchen Experience: 5 years

Culinary Education: Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago

Culinary Inspiration: Mother

Resides: Chicago, IL

Notes: Lovely acquired her moniker due to her disposition. With passions for dance, music but above all cooking, she considers herself a multi-faceted young woman with a lot to learn and offer. Lovely strives to continue her culinary education; working hands on in the industry in hopes of helping others make good choices when it comes to eating.

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Chef Melinda

Hometown: Chadd Fords, PA

Age: 38

Occupation: Private Chef

Kitchen Experience: 5 years

Culinary Education: Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Culinary Inspiration: Father

Resides: Philadelphia, PA

Notes: In 2003 Melinda changed up her life by leaving her corporate job to focus on cooking and pursing her epicurean dreams. Since graduating from culinary school, Melinda has sharpened her skills on the high seas as a private chef on yachts.

Chef Sabrina

Hometown: New Caney, TX

Age: 34

Occupation: Restaurant Manager

Kitchen Experience: 15 years

Culinary Education: LeChef Culinary Institute at Austin, TX

Culinary Inspiration: Father

Resides: Phoenix, AZ

Notes: Having spent 10 years in Texas, Sabrina has a great appreciation for Southern cooking, leading her to find a home in the restaurant industry. She has extensive experience cooking and managing kitchens. Sabrina keeps herself busy as a mother, wife and Manager.

Chef Suzanne

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Age: 24

Occupation: Sous Chef

Kitchen Experience: 6 years

Culinary Education: Milwaukee Area Technical College

Culinary Inspiration: Mother

Resides: Las Vegas, NV

Notes: Suzanne grew up in Milwaukee, the youngest of 11 children. Looking to broaden her culinary horizons, she relocated to Las Vegas where she was able to launch her cooking career. Suzanne is passionate about her craft and abilities in the kitchen.

Chef Tennille

Hometown: Hampton Roads, VA

Age: 28

Occupation: Executive Chef

Kitchen Experience: 10 years

Culinary Education: Johnson and Wales

Culinary Inspiration: Grandfather

Resides: Fairfax, VA

Notes: Tennille is intent on not letting anything stand in her way. She recently underwent gastric bypass surgery, losing over 100 pounds. She graduated top of her culinary class and is a self professed great cook longing to become a great chef.

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