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How to Grow Hair With a Patchy Beard

    • 1). Stop shaving and let nature take its course. It takes four to six weeks for your beard to grow. While you grow your beard, be prepared for people's surprised reactions as well as some initial itchiness. Use a moisturizing cream on your beard area if itching is a problem. Once your beard is in, notice the pattern of your facial hair growth. Keep in mind that hair does not grow on every area of your face and you may have patchy spots. Every man is different and beard growth will vary.

    • 2). Remember that your beard growth depends on your genetic predisposition. Unless caused by a specific medical condition, such as a low testosterone, no medical treatments are available to help you grow a thicker beard. Cutting or shaving parts of your beard will not make it denser or make the hair grow faster.

    • 3). Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress, dehydration and a diet lacking in nutrients can impact hair growth. Eat a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein and drink plenty of water. Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques. You can also condition your hair follicles by massaging your beard with coconut oil once a day.

    • 4). Trim your beard into a shape that matches your personality and flatters your pattern of growth. Once your beard has grown in, look for patchy areas. Creatively blend these areas into the more dense parts of your beard by styling it into a unique pattern. With multiple beard styles to choose from, find a look that is pleasing to the eye, while inconspicuously blending your patchy areas. For example, if your beard is patchy along the jawline, a goatee may work best. A chin curtain beard is appealing if hair growth around your mouth is thin.

    • 5). Maintain your beard by grooming it regularly. Use an electric trimmer to remove unwanted hair growth. Shampoo your beard using the same products you use on your hair. While you are getting used to your beard, remember to check for food particles that may have fallen into your facial hair during meals.

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