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Finding a Niche and Primary Keyword for Kindle Publishing

I picked up this great tutorial from a contact on a Facebook page about Kindle publishing. It's all about keywords and how it impacts your sales. I know I'm having trouble with categories and proper keywords, so I thought, since I'm going to use this, you may benefit from it, too.

First check out the profitability of your NICHE.

Go to > Change the drop down on the search box to €Kindle Store€ > click €Go€ without putting anything in the search box > look in the navigation column on the left > click on your category and then down through to your chosen sub-category and click on it > The results that will fill the page will be the best sellers and the newest books in that sub-category. > Ignore any book with a publication date within the last 3 months. > Open Tabs for each of the best sellers' product pages > Check out each book's best seller rank > If none of them rank under 25,000, that sub-category is NOT a profitable one.

How to choose a valuable KEYWORD.

Go to > Change the drop down on the search box to €Kindle Store€ > In the search box start to type a primary keyword for your niche > Write down the suggestions that appear as you type > Start to type a synonym for the primary keyword and write down those suggestions > Do the same for all the possible primary keywords you can think of > Go to the Google Keyword Tool and input all the keywords you've got on your list > Set the search for €Exact Match€ and sort the results by Global Search Volume.

You will probably find some valuable keywords you had not thought of and discover that some of the words on your list are probably not very valuable. If they appeared in the drop down under Amazon's search box it means they are the most searched terms that relate to what you typed. But that does not mean they are actually searched very often, just that they are the most-searched suggestions Amazon's search engine could come up with, related to what you typed.

Now that you have a list of candidate Keywords, start a spreadsheet to compare their value as a Primary Keyword to use as, or in, your book title, etc. > Go to > Change the drop down on the search box to €Kindle Store€ > Search your first candidate Keyword > Open a Tag for each search result that comes up on the first page of results.

Keep in mind that these results are the MOST RELEVANT - NOT the BEST SELLERS - for your candidate Keyword. Since buyer/searchers are shown the MOST RELEVANT results as a DEFAULT, THESE books are the ones you are competing with to get the most exposure to searching buyers.

Open each product page > Scroll down to €Product Details€ and take note in your spreadsheet of the €Amazon Best Sellers Rank€ of each of the top 12-16 search results.

The numbers I'm going to give you for KEYWORD CRITERIA are not engraved in stone. Be as flexible or inflexible as you wish. Keep in mind that best sellers ranking can change up or down quite a bit in only one day.

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