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Saltwater Fish Care - Tips To Feed Your Aquarium Fish

Feeding fish can be a science.
When it comes to saltwater fish this is not different because feeding saltwater fish can be tricky.
There are certain rules to follow and guidelines that should be met.
When you get saltwater fish the first thing you want to do is find out what kind of food the fish need to thrive.
Most fish are going to need a balanced diet and require different foods.
Using those friendly flakes just isn't going to cut it.
Depending on the fish you can use a variety of vegetables, live, frozen and fresh food.
Look at everything you are giving the fish and see if the diet contains about 10 percent fat and 30 percent protein.
This will ensure the fish are getting everything they need out of their diet.
Most predatory animals will eat types of meat.
You can give these fish beef heart, live or fresh foods.
They will skip to the top of the tank, or swim where ever they land.
With these saltwater fish just make sure are not putting them in an aquarium with their prey.
If you do it that, you could end up with a few less fish.
For invertebrate and bottom dwelling animals, they need food that is going to sink to the bottom of the aquarium.
These saltwater fish feed on food that is easily within reach.
Otherwise they cannot reach them and will not survive.
It's imperative to feed fish by making it easy for them.
Herbivores will feed on green plants and vegetables.
If your saltwater fish enjoy plants, this limits the type of plants you can put in your aquarium.
Most plants won't survive if you have these types of fish because the fish will eat them up.
Feed them lettuce, spinach, fresh food and flakes because all fish need a balanced diet.
Depending on the saltwater fish, they will either feed once or twice a day.
This is important to find out because you don't want to overfeed the fish.
Overfeeding is dangerous and could lead to their death.
A way to monitor the fish's eating habits is to time how long it takes for them to eat.
Once you put food into the aquarium it should take anywhere from two to five minutes for the fish to eat.
If it is longer than this, you have put too much food into the tank.
You need to take out the extra food because besides overeating the breakdown of the food can contaminate the water and lead to sickness or bad water conditions.
Anything less than two minutes and you aren't feeding your fish enough.
Some saltwater fish aquarists use automatic feeders.
This takes the guess work out of feeding and puts the fish on a schedule.
It also allows the saltwater fish owner flexibility in his schedule.
However, there are drawbacks to using the feeders.
It is not as simple as filling the feeder and going on with your day.
Currently, automatic feeders do not hold frozen or live foods.
When you want to feed your fish these types of food, you have to manually do it.
Just sprinkle a little under the hood and watch the fish dance around.

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