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Tips for Talking to a Girl on the Phone

    Plan Ahead

    • Before you talk to a girl on the phone, get to know her so you have things to talk about. Make small talk when you see her. Find out what her hobbies are, what she does at school or work and what kind of person she is. Think up a few conversation topics ahead of time in case you get stuck later.

    It's All About Her

    • The best way to get a girl talking on the phone is to talk about her. Ask her open-ended questions she can't answer with one word. Ask what was interesting about her day, ask about the people she goes to school or work with, ask what she's looking forward to in the next week. When she says something you can relate to, jump in and talk about it.

    Humor Is Your Best Friend

    • When in doubt, crack a joke. The key to a girl's heart is making her laugh. If she sounds like she needs cheering up, find a way to help her see the funny side of things. Be optimistic and upbeat and she'll remember your conversation in a positive light. Don't worry about overdoing it as long as she's laughing -- it's better to make too many jokes than sit through too many awkward silences.

    Listen to Her

    • The worst mistake you can make when talking to a girl on the phone is not paying attention to what she's saying -- she'll definitely notice. There's no point in asking questions if you're not listening to the answers. Listen to her and respond to what she's saying. If she steers the conversation one direction, follow her lead. If you're genuinely interested in talking to her, she'll want to talk to you.

    Know Your Limits

    • If you don't know the girl very well, some conversation topics are obviously off limits. Keep it casual and friendly, avoid personal questions, and don't tease or insult her. As you get to know each other, your conversations will evolve with your relationship. Watch the clock, too: even if you're having a great conversation, don't keep her on the phone too long. The conversation can get awkward quickly and she'll resent it.

    Be Yourself -- Really

    • There's a lot of truth in this old cliche. Be yourself when you talk to a girl on the phone. Don't try to fake a new personality or use a cheesy pick-up line. You'll come across as more confident and easygoing if you're not trying to be someone else. Keep the tone of the conversation relaxed and natural so she enjoys talking to you, not your alter ego.

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