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How to Make a Monkey Cage

    • 1). Cut the end of each 48-inch board at a 45-degree angle using your miter saw so when the board lays flat it has a trapezoid shape. Position four of these boards on edge so they make a 48-by-48-inch square with flush corners. The angled ends of each of these boards should be against each other. Screw through a pair of these boards so three screws enter each end of the pair of boards that are perpendicular to them. Repeat this step with the last 48-inch boards so you have two square frames.

    • 2). Lay one square frame flat and position a 96-inch board perpendicularly in each corner. These are the uprights to your monkey cage. Screw four screws through each corner and into the uprights. Lay the second square frame flat and position the opposite ends of the uprights inside the corners of this frame. Screw the frame to this end of the uprights just as you did with the first.

    • 3). Screw two 85-inch boards to each 96-inch board so their edges are flush with the sides of the 96-inch boards and so they are perpendicularly between the 48-inch boards. You will attach the wire sheets to these.

    • 4). Turn your cage frame on its side and screw a sheet of plywood to the 48-inch boards so the corners are flush. This is the bottom to your cage. Turn the cage upright so it is resting on this sheet of plywood.

    • 5). Screw two half-hinges to the top 48-inch board so the pins in the hinges are along the top edge of the board. Each hinge should be 12 inches away from the ends of the 48-inch board. The top half-hinges should be able to fold over the top edge of the 48-inch board. Set the last sheet of plywood on top of the cage so the edges are flush with the sides of the 48-inch board and so the unattached half-hinges are between the 48-inch board and the plywood. Lift the plywood up and screw the half-hinges to the plywood. This is the door to your cage.

    • 6). Screw the latch to the plywood and the top 48-inch board opposite the side with the hinges. Center the latch by measuring the distance from the latch to the ends of the 48-inch board. These two measurements should be equal. Close the latch and lock it with the padlock to keep the door secure.

    • 7). Position a wire sheet against each side of the cage frame and staple each to the 85-inch boards and to the top and bottom 48-inch boards using your hammer. Use one staple for every 6 inches.

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