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5 Steps to Stop a Panic Attack

Having the feeling of helplessness and extreme anxiety? Over 10 million Americans admitted to suffering from anxiety so you are not alone.
The question is what do we do when the stress levels have become too much.
When a panic attack is about to happen or is already happening.
There are five simple steps that people can take help stop the attack.
The first and most basic step would be to breathe.
When you are having an attack your body starts to tighten up, you start to shake, and you can lose most if not all of your mobility.
It's time to start to breathe.
Big, long deep breaths loosen up your body and will help to start to relax you.
Isolate Yourself.
When having a panic attack it can be much harder to deal with if people are all around you.
Try to find a quiet peaceful place for you to handle the situation so that you can go on with rest of your day.
When in a large crowd panic attacks can feel embarrassing and this feel of embarrassment can lead to a longer and worse attack.
Drink Cold Water.
Drinking cold water cools the insides of your body helping you to relax.
Water is a safe bet for just about everyone having a panic attack and can be offered from just about anyone.
Other liquids could be unsafe to the person drinking it.
You don't want to have an allergic reaction when having a panic attack.
Taking all precautions and bringing water along with you will keep you prepared if you do have a sudden panic attack.
Tighten and Relax Your Body.
When you are in your isolated area and are taking deep breaths, tighten and relax your body.
Hold your body tight for 5 to 10 seconds and then take a deep breath then repeat.
Every time that you relax take a deep breath in and hold it in when you are tightening your body.
This will help you to relax your body and can shorten the attack tremendously.
Concentrate on where the feeling is coming from.
For example, if the feeling of coming from your stomach then focus on your stomach.
Put all of your attention on where it is and if it moves then move your attention to the spot that it moved to.
This is a technique that therapist use for people having a panic attack and it as has had amazing results.
Next time that you are about to lose it and slip into a panic attack remember these basic concepts and you should be prepared in case you do have one.
These techniques are for when you are having a panic attack and are not used for a long-term cure.
You should seek out other ways to find a long-term cure for curing your anxiety that is causing these attacks.
You can ask your doctor for medical advice on a long-term cure for your anxiety.

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