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Ping K15 Driver Should Be On Short List

Ping have excelled themselves in recent years when it comes to woods, with the G series winning admirers all over the world. The latest product to roll off the production line in Phoenix is the fabulous Ping K15 driver, designed to negate the effects of a slice which affects the majority of us weekend hackers up and down the country.

I have been using the Ping G15 driver for 2 years and have now move on to the K15 driver and so far the so good.The K15 will help you drive the ball exceptionally straight aided by a PING innovation called Straight Flight Technology (SF Tec). The large profile 460cc head and a club face that is longer heel to toe combine for consistent performance across the hitting surface. The overall design of the club positions the center of gravity low and back to generate high launch and low spin conditions.

They"ve been able to thin the crown material in order to reposition the weight in the heel, but it"s not just about controlling the slice with this sensational piece of kit. The large profile 460cc head features a clubface that is longer from heel to toe, which means the MOI is greater across a wider area of the face, this translates to more distance even when you don"t get the ball out of the middle. The centre of gravity is also positioned low and deep in the head which means the Ping K15 driver offers a powerful, high ball flight.

The Ping K15 driver features the TFC 149D graphite shaft that uses high balance point technology that allows the head mass to increase without affecting swing weight or the overall club weight to allow clubhead speed to remain consistent. This allows the K15 driver to generate higher ball speeds for longer and straighter drives.

Ping's own Ultra Thin Crown Technology has been utilised to redistribute 8 grams to the external weight pad and further enhance the position of the centre of gravity and moment of inertia.

In a word,I was very keen to try the out the latest driver offering from Ping as I am a big fan of both the Ping G20 drivers and G15 drivers and the Ping K15 certainly did not disappoint. The K15 is a good looking driver, albeit slightly more awkward at address than the G15, and in trademark Ping fashion gives you plenty of confidence. I was als delighted to discover that the K15 is an even easier club to play.

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