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As I write this I have a little snake on my shoulder.
It is kind of like a chip, but it is stuffed with cotton and would not taste good when placed in dip.
The snake is worth about a dollar, but I was lucky enough to only pay about twenty for it...
While at the boardwalk at Wildwood, NJ, this past weekend, I was labeled with my usual title as a sucker.
I am pretty sure that every boardwalk game has a picture of me on the wall that reads, "This guy will play your game, just acknowledge him.
" On this particular evening, I was summoned from about 40 feet away...
"Hey you," someone yelled.
And of course I started to walk over.
After all, it was evident he knew me -- he even called me over by name...
But I didn't want to seem too eager to play his game, which consisted of throwing a softball into an angled plastic bucket, so I paused on my way over...
"You in the hat," he said.
"I have an easy game for you.
" And this was the clincher.
Not only did he know my name, but he somehow knew that I was wearing a hat.
It would not be right for me to ignore him -- I just had to play this game.
But only once...
He first began with the demonstration of how easy this game was: jumping over the ledge, grabbing a ball and throwing it lightly into the bucket.
"Now just do that two times in a row and you get an iPod," he said.
Granted, I already have an iPod.
But I did not win that iPod.
A won iPod would provide a ton of stories when people ask, "Hey, is that an iPod?" and I reply with "Yes, I won it in a game.
" Perhaps this would grow into a tall tale so that three years from now, people would be asking me how I took over the world by throwing a softball into a bucket.
Or, better yet, how I took over a bucket by throwing a softball into the world.
Whatever the situation, I was ready for this game...
I missed my first shot but made the second, giving me hope that this was indeed possible.
Like any sucker, I gave him two more dollars, and then two more, until finally he began to negotiate: "If you make one and your friend makes one, I'll give you both a prize," he said to me and my friend.
This, of course, entailed both of us giving two more dollars.
And to make a long story much shorter -- and to save myself from future embarrassment -- we were unsuccessful.
As I began to walk away, he handed me the stuffed snake that is currently on my shoulder.
He called it a consolation prize, perhaps because it is supposed to console me about why I lost twenty dollars to win something I already had.
But let's make it known right now that I won't fall for these scams anymore.
The next time I go to a boardwalk, I am not going to wear a hat.
That way, when someone refers to me as the guy in the hat, I can walk right by and say, "Hey, it's like you don't even know me," and I can proceed to spend twenty dollars on a boardwalk ice cream cone instead...
But I digress.

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