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How To Pick the Right Technology Tools For Your Coaching Business

Too many people get intimidated by all the choices out there when it comes to "technology" and end up in analysis paralysis instead of taking action and making things happen.
To zap your overwhelm, do not go about reading and researching about anything and everything without knowing what YOU need.
If you purchase services and software just because the sales pitch sounds good, you would end up spending money on a lot of stuff that you don't need.
Even worse, the experience you deliver to your clients is driven not by what you want or what they need, but by some tools and technology that just happens to look nifty.
Here are the few simple steps to simplify your life: 1.
Map Out the User Experience/User Path
For the process you want to set up, write down step-by-step how you want your clients to experience the process from beginning to end.
Analyze the User Path To Define Requirements
For each interaction, write down the technological requirementyou will need to make it happen.
client pays you through your website.
The requirement is a tools that allows you to set up a button and take payment via the internet.
Find the Tools Based On Requirements
For each requirement, now you can look for 2-3 options that delivers the experience you have mapped out.
to take payment on your website, you may list services such as PayPal, e-junkie, or 1shoppingcart.
Weigh the Cost and Benefits
After you have listed possible solutions for each requirement, you can look at the cost vs.
benefits to find the biggest bang for your bucks.
Of course you can pay $200+ a month for Infusionsoft that can handle your email, shopping cart and affiliate program - but do you want that overhead at this point in your business? If you are just starting out and only have a handful of products, putting together Mailchimp ($0 for first 2000 subscribers), PayPal ($0 plus transaction fee) and e-junkie ($5 a month for up to 10 digital products) - you can make it work for just 5 bucks a month.
(Of course, if you are at that point in your business that Infusionsoft makes sense, then go for the seamless automation!) Your first step to conquering "technology confusion" is to get clear on your vision, your business model and your offerings.
You will be able to get into action, while saving yourself a boatload of time, energy and money.
You will get where you want to go faster, with less stress and sweat.

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