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DIY Curtain Ideas

    • Curtains are doubly important to a room's decor. The design of a curtain adds to the feel of a room, but the job of a curtain is to control how much natural light is able to enter a room, which affects the mood of the space. Wield more control over the mood in your home by whipping up your own curtains from recycled cloth items you gather around your home or purchase at thrift stores.

    Bed Sheets and Buttonholes

    • Use an old bed sheet you have lying around the house or one purchased from a thrift store to make a decorative window treatment. Choose a bed sheet wider than the window you want to cover. Trim the bottom of the bed sheet to the desired length. Cut the sheet in half lengthwise. Hem the raw edges of of the two sheet halves on the side and bottom. Sew five evenly spaced buttonholes along the top edge of each sheet half. Tie loops of ribbon or twine through the button holes to hang the curtain with.

    No-Sew Curtains

    • Hang a clothesline over the top of the window. Hang towels, t-shirts, scraps of fabric or even jeans over the top of the clothesline to create a simple, yet stylish, no-sew curtain. Just make sure the line is secure and taut over the top of the window before you hang anything on it; the weight of whatever you hang on the line will make it droop, which is fine, but it will droop too low if it is not taut to begin with.

      Throw a quilt over the clothesline for a very rich-looking window treatment. Use colorful dish towels for the window over your kitchen sink or hand towels for the bathroom window.

    Tablecloth Curtains

    • Recycle an old tablecloth into a beautiful window treatment. Take a solid colored table cloth, trim it and hem it to fit the window. Sew a strip of decorative fabric across the top or bottom of the tablecloth curtain to add a decorative touch. Use clip rings to hang the embellished tablecloth on the curtain rod for a quick and simple window treatment.

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