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Taking Care of Your Pregnant Cat

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your cat had kittens? Just the thought of having so many kittens underfoot would be enough reason for true cat lovers to swoon.
If your cat is pregnant, here are a few important facts that you should know: - The average length of pregnancy for cats is 63 to 65 days long.
However, it may appear to be a shorter period, because your cat will probably have already been pregnant for 3 to 4 weeks before you first notice the changes to her physique.
- Just like humans, cats also gain weight during pregnancy.
Your cat's abdomen will become protruded especially after the fifth week of gestation and your cat's nipples will begin to grow in about the sixth week of the pregnancy.
The nipples will start to fill with milk.
Cats are even known to get morning sickness.
- During pregnancy you should feed your cat the same cat food that she is accustomed to, but start to mix their food with kitten food.
You will need to increase the size of the portions as pregnant cats require much more than they are used to eating, because they are no longer eating for one.
You should also pay a visit to your vet, to checkup on your cat's progress, and also because it may be necessary to give your cat some vitamins and dietary supplements.
- During the last weeks of her pregnancy, your cat will probably be very restless, and may seek seclusion.
Please note that it is perfectly normal for pregnant cats to feel so much pressure in their abdomen that they just have to poop to relieve it.
It is also normal for pregnant cats to leak milk - so expect the odd stain to your carpet.
These are however minor inconveniences and it will worth in the end - as they are both signs that cute kittens will arriving very soon!

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