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A Natural Solution For Female Thinning Hair - Reverse Hair Loss With Olive Oil

Hair loss among women usually does not get as much attention as it does with men.
However, female thinning hair is a big problem which affects many women.
There are many factors which can contribute to excessive shedding among women.
One effective way to reverse hair loss is to regularly condition the strands with olive oil.
How the Styling Process Can Cause Female Thinning Hair Your strands must be constantly nourished in order to grow and remain strong.
Each strand consists mostly of protein and must fed protein or it will stop growing and fall out.
The constant wear and tear which the strands endure during the styling process is a major cause of female thinning hair.
The harsh chemicals in perms, and coloring treatments, as well as the heat from flat irons and blow dryers, put a tremendous amount of stress on the strands by stripping away their natural oils and proteins.
How Olive Oil Can Reverse Hair Loss Olive oil can protect the strands by making them stronger and more likely to be able to withstand the constant combing, perming and use of chemicals that often cause female thinning hair.
It will also provide a protective coating which will nourish the strands and stimulate growth.
It will also keep the strands moisturized and prevent dryness and breakage.
Deep Conditioning the Strands With Olive Oil Cleanse your strands with a shampoo made with natural ingredients such as biotin or rosemary.
Pour some olive oil into a pot and heat it up just a little and apply it to your damp strands.
Put a plastic cap on your head to seal in the heat.
The heat will allow the olive oil to penetrate your strands.
Leave it in on for at least one hour and then rinse it off.
Your strands will be softer, healthier, and stronger.

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