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Answering Questions About the Hand Routine That Makes Your Manhood Up to 4" Bigger

Hopefully you have started to realize that penis hand exercises are a legitimate way to start permanently increasing the size of your erection, and you have some questions about them.
Unlike pills, creams, or pumps, hand routines are the only practice besides surgery that can make you inches bigger.
This article will answer some frequently asked questions about the routines that can make you 3-4 inches larger.
I don't believe these exercises are real at all, how is this possible? I am convinced that we are stuck with the size of the erections that we get at puberty.
You are not stuck with the erection size that you have now.
You have been brainwashed by your parents, your teachers, and your educators into believing that.
All we need to do to disprove this theory that has been put forward is take a look at some African cultures that are pretty familiar with making their penises enormous.
Some peoples on the continent of Africa, stretch their penis permanently to sizes over 1 foot.
While some of the methods they use to get these results involve weight hanging, the end result is that they are increasing the size of their manhood quite a bit.
There is no reason to believe that if these guys are getting 6 inch longer penises that you can't get inches bigger by using just your hands.
If a western doctor were to tell these men that you are stuck with the size of their penis at puberty, they would be laughing at how uninformed he was.
You will be laughing too, when you get your next physical and your doctor asks if you got surgery, and you tell him, yeah I paid this guy in Europe 20 grand for this thing.
Ok, so I see that you can increase the size of your manhood.
But how do these hand exercises physically allow this to happen?
Basically, by applying soft pressure to your penis you are stimulating growth in the tissue of your shaft.
And the shaft will become thicker and longer by a few inches.
There are also routines that help you max out the length of your ligaments.
These are the same exact ligaments that are cut in surgery to achieve the same end result.
The only difference is that you pay no doctor thousands to do it.
When the shaft gets bigger, it can hold more blood, and you have a much larger erection.

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