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Medifast Vs. The Chugay Tongue Patch

Medifast Vs. The Chugay Tongue Patch Weight Loss Programs

Convenience foods, minimal exercise, and daily stress factors have all contributed to a modern obesity epidemic. Crash diets are not usually recommended as a solution, even though most people want to get rid of their extra weight fast. Medifast vs. The Chugay Tongue Patch compares an effective, more traditional plan with a newer weight loss concept based on pain.

Developed by a cosmetic surgeon, the patch is an implanted device that discourages normal eating. A small piece of mesh material around the size of a postage stamp is literally sewn directly onto the surface, described at Chewing solid foods becomes extremely uncomfortable, and participants rely on liquid supplements for their daily nutrition.

While this plan works as well as any other liquid diet, the cost of the surgery and necessary liquid supplements is substantial. Any surgical procedure also carries the risk of complications or infection, and most people will not put up with the necessary pain. These implants have reportedly accompanied successful losses of up to 30 pounds a month, but keeping that weight off permanently may be an issue.

When compared to the Medifast Diet Plan, there are real differences, as explained at http://D109/diet/features/the-medifast-diet-plan. This method approaches losing weight in a more time-honored fashion, through a low-calorie, high-protein program. Originally available only through doctors, this is a meal replacement plan that can be nutritionally adjusted to the needs of people in nearly every state of health.

There is a cost to participants for special foods, but no additional nutritional supplements are necessary. Because it has existed for several years, the plan includes a wealth of weight-loss information, an on-line community of users, and a support network of registered dietitians and trainers. It emphasizes learning to eat healthier foods in a balanced fashion.

Any diet regimen should be accompanied by an appropriate amount of exercise. While getting a surgical implant may be trendy, some have questioned the medical basis for the procedure. Dropping extra weight is possible on either plan, but there are significant differences between Medifast vs. The Chugay tongue patch that should be taken into account before proceeding.

A trendy new diet plan emphasizing pain to discourage overeating uses a mesh screen sewn directly onto the tongue, making chewing very uncomfortable, and decreasing caloric intake. Some question whether this unusual plan should be recommended, or if a traditional weight loss method is a healthier idea.

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