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How to Connect a PS2 to a DVR

    • 1). Attach the PS2's main cable to the composite input ports on a composite-to-coaxial converter switch. Composite ports are the RCA-style yellow, red and white ports and use the type of connection the PS2's cable uses. Make sure you have a switch that has a composite input and a coaxial output.

    • 2). Link the VCR or similar device to the DVR using the RF coaxial ports. These use the thick, black cables with the twist-screw connector at the ends--the type that is used in connecting cable TV.

    • 3). Connect the DVR to the TV set using whatever cable options are available. You will likely use a coaxial, composite or component connection (component uses red, green and blue video cables with red and white audio ones). Composite will be the simplest and leave the other options open for other devices.

    • 4). Turn on the TV and tune it to the input channel for the cable connection that links the DVR to the TV set. Use the remote control to access the input menu and scroll down to the correct choice.

    • 5). Plug in and turn on the DVR and the PS2; if needed, make sure the converter switch is set to receive a composite signal and transmit a coaxial one. Look for the PS2's screen to appear on the TV.

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