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Using ISO 27001 Consultants For Information Security Audit

In today's technological development and fast paced innovations, threats to information and data compiled in systems are quite common.
IT companies, application developers, web based systems, mobile software developers, and many other sectors have loads of information present in their database.
Whenever, so much of data is stocked, getting these breached can be a common phenomenon, if protection is not adequate.
To test the adequacy of protection, implemented by companies, the information security audit is to be done from time to time, by companies.
This kind of audit helps in exposing the vulnerabilities faced by companies, which they are not aware of, until such auditing is done.
ISO 27001 consultants are experts who have extensive knowledge of ISO 27001 certification.
This is a specification for information security, applicable to almost all kinds of commerce activities and not confined only to electronic systems.
Every form of information and data storage is possible to be audited by ISO 27001consultants.
When this particular certification is obtained, companies can develop the trust in their customers, trading partners, stakeholders and even in their own employees.
In the market, the credibility and trust of the company is increased because now people know that the information shared with these companies, is in safe hands.
Going for the information security audit by such certification consultants will ensure that information security measures are strictly being adhered to at all levels of the organisation.
From time to time, ISO 27001 consultants can be asked to carry out an external audit of Information Technology company for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
The process of auditing will involve defining objectives, organisation security, communication and operations management, access control, and compliance with the most recent standards in application security.
Under the system of information security audit, a number of processes are involved, which only experts in the ISO 27001 standardisation can be able to carry out.
Starting from documentation to the pointing out of lacunas in the system, everything is looked at by ISO 27001 consultants.
Applicability of recommendations by internal audit is also checked.
After the policies and guidelines are laid down according to the most recent standards, companies need to implement these policies at the earliest.
When, at a later date, there is an onside external information security audit, everything should be in place, so that ISO 27001 certification is granted.
A penetration test is basically an ethical means of breaching the security system in place, for an IT related company or developer.
By undertaking penetration testing, application security controls are highlighted, particularly those, that can be exploited.
In such a scenario, IT companies ask security companies to understand the vulnerabilities by this particular modality of testing, which is a manual method.
As a result of penetration testing, complete details are derived related to security issues, exploitation results, tactical and strategic recommendations.
A lot of companies are nowadays having specified ISO 27001 consultants to carry out internal and external audits for their clients.
For the best business and information security practises, such standards have been defined, which, if a company is adhering, then there will be a lot of advantages at its end.

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