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How to Purchase a Budgie Parakeet

    • 1). Choose a budgie from a place that hand-raises their chicks. Hand-raised chicks have been used to people since they were hatched, and they easily accept their owners as part of their flock.

    • 2). Tour the breeder's facilities. A good breeding facility should be clean, and the birds should have fresh food and water on hand.

    • 3). Look for an active budgie. An active budgie is curious and lively. A healthy budgie parakeet is constantly hopping around the cage, not huddled in a corner.

    • 4). Inspect the budgie's feet and beak. Both areas should be clean and smooth, with no signs of scaly growths or mites. There should be no discharge from the bird's nostrils.

    • 5). Examine the budgie's feathers. A healthy budgie should have sleek feathers that are both smooth and shiny.

    • 6). Check the bird's vent, which is located underneath the tail feathers. This area should be clean and free of filth or discharge.

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