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Trim Your Waist Without Crunches Or Starving

so you decided that you want that washboard waist for the summer.
It should not be toooo hard as every second magazine on the stands is promising you a fashion model or Hollywood Hero ripped set of abs by next week.
Most advice has you eating skinless chicken and steamed vegetables, coupled with a couple hundred crunches every day.
Sure, it will get you a six pack of abdominal muscle.
Just like 10 months of busting rocks will as well.
Lots of pain involved if that is what you want.
Or you can follow some smarter strategies.
Work your posture muscles.
By standing up straighter, your gut actually draws inward.
Try rolling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together.
The chest goes out and the gut goes in.
Too many hours behind the computer leaves most people with a bit of a hunch.
To fix this computer hunch, lie on your belly and raise your head and chest off of the floor or mat.
Keep your head straight on this one and look ahead about a foot.
Hold for the count of 2 and lower slowly.
Do this 6-12 times a day.
An advanced method of this is the Pilates Breast Stroke.
(This article format does not allow diagrams, so you will have to look this up on the internet yourself.
YouTube has some good examples.
) 3.
Hold yourself in the plank position for 10 to 60 seconds.
The plank can be done by supporting your weight on your forearms and balls of your feet.
The rest of your body is held straight.
The next stage is to hold this position with your arms extended into the push up position.
You can do this while watching television.
See if you can last as long as the commercial break.
The advantage of the Plank over crunches or sit ups, is that it will not build the bulging abdominal muscles.
Crunches work, but the plank works towards a flatter abdomen.
Now flip over, with your back facing the floor and support your weight with your heels and hands.
Hold this position for 10 to 60 seconds.
It will tone the butt and lower back muscles.
Finally, work up to holding yourself sideways into the Side Plank with one arm and your feet.
10-60 seconds each side.
You should feel the results of this position within the first week.
As for food, eat some protein first.
That is eat the chicken breast first and maybe, just maybe the bread.
Eat the eggs, but not the toast.
Eat the steak, then the vegetables and then maybe the potato.
Eat some starch, but only AFTER the protein food.
Do not worry about "ketosis" or "protein over-load.
" Just drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Eat fruits and vegetables for fiber.
When you are making regular trips to the washroom, there is less waste products in your large intestine.
That way, you are not full of you-know-what.
Your intestines work better and you will feel better.
(This is NOT a signal to start losing weight with laxatives.
That will put you in the hospital pretty quick.
) 8.
Avoid white flour.
It will bung you up pretty quick.
Keep it reserved for desserts only.
Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
Muscles grow and fat burns during sleep.
Following these methods will have your gut flatter within 3-6 weeks.

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