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Getting in Shape For Bass Tournaments

Get The Edge On The Competition Spring is just around the corner and getting in shape for bass fishing tournaments is a number one priority if you want to compete at a top level.
Mark Davis found this out years ago before most anglers thought about health, nutrition, sleep, and fitness training relating to bass fishing.
Getting the proper amount of sleep is essential in getting the edge on the competition.
It prepares you both mentally and physically for the challenge that tournament angling poses.
Being able to find and catch a limit of bass is essential, but in order to do it on a consistent basis, you must be in good physical condition.
The proper nutrition, diet, and physical conditioning all play a vital role in being able to keep going at a top level in repeated tournaments that require a lot of driving and hard conditions on the water.
Denny Brauer found out just how important this is after several serious back problems nearly ended his career! If you start out right with the proper nutrition and conditioning programs it will make the tournament trails a lot easier.
You will be able to focus on catching bass under a wide range of conditions more easily when you dont have to worry about that aching back or lose concentration due to poor eating habits and lack of sleep.
Delaware Nutrition and Fitness is now helping tournament anglers learn how to get and stay in shape by offering tips and tactics in the forums and diet and exercise programs that will help get the edge on competitors.
The owner has been a tournament angler and bass guide for 40 years and is the Big Bass World Champ and NAFC Hall Of Fame angler, so he knows how important it is to be and stay in shape.

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