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Hypertension - The Silent Killer No More

Realize that no matter what you do, medicines or herbals alone without exercise will not work.
Your best workout is low impact and high intensity.
At least that is the old school thinking.
Many new studies counter with methods of high intensity training that allow the body to start fat burning faster and achieving a slimmer trimmer bodies still with approval of your doctor.
Remember to consult your doctor before commencing any type of diet or exercise program.
High intensity exercises in short bursts have been found to be very successful.
Within a span of 3 to 4 weeks, high intensity training in short bursts can cause the muscles to demand more blood sugar.
When they do, it will cause the body to burn more calories and store less fat.
Once the body stops storing fat it will start using the stored fat.
High intensity exercise is the key to these new concepts such that it will stretch you to your limits.
High Intensity does not mean you kill yourself trying, it means you must apply higher intensity to that, that you normally do for exercise and to life.
The fact is society in general has turned into fast food junkies, couch potatoes and drive ups.
Past generations walked to the store, to work, to the park or to the movies, thus less problems with high blood pressure, weight gain, muscles and a bulging midsection.
Exercise is not just in the gym at a specific time.
It is tying your own shoes, a walk in the park, standing to dress, parking away from the front entrance and not using the car to pick up the mail.
All we have to do is be more active and on our feet.
How many miles would you walk if you did not have car? Just do it intensely! Exercise without good nutrition is like taking a bath without a tub.
Diet is the key to all good nutrition and building muscle.
Ideally good nutrition and exercise will keep you out of the dangers of the silent killer.
Listening to the body will lead to what it needs.
To help you, considering that there are millions of exercise programs and diet plans, I have reviewed some very good quality exercise and diet programs for better health and weight loss.
Do your homework and find what best works for you! You are welcome to view them at http://ricardosweightlosstips.
let us know what you think.

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