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Osprey Aether 85: A Big Pack for your Big Adventure

The Osprey Aether 85 is a large men's backpack designed primarily for thru hiking and expeditions. But the average week-long hiker will also appreciate its great features and streamlined design. Like with all Osprey packs, the Aether 85 is made of durable rip stop nylon and is high quality.

At 85 liters capacity (5187 cu. in.), this bag is not for those wanting a super light experience. It is rated to carry 50 €" 65 pounds (23 €" 29 kg), so everything you need will be comfortably stowed within the Aether 85.

Replete with great features, the Aether 85 is a lightweight, customizable pack. It comes in three colors and three sizes, each of which is adjustable. A great fit is important to Osprey and the Aether 85's hip belt can be molded to fit your hips. Each Osprey dealer is outfitted with a heating chamber that will heat the belt. Then you wear it warm for about 20 minutes and it cools to your shape. Those who have experienced a poor fitting hip belt know that this is a valuable feature. In addition, the harness of the pack is adjustable. You can move it up or down to perfectly fit your torso length. There are load lifting straps as well to position the load in the way that suits you best.

The Osprey Aether 85 has a traditional top loading compartment with a drawstring. It also has a bottom zipper to access the sleeping bag compartment. But in addition to these two access points, the pack has a J-shaped zipper running across the top and side of the front. This effectively makes it a panel loader as well. This feature is especially handy on such a big pack, as you can easily access things in the middle of the pack without having to unpack everything at the top or bottom.

To increase the stability of the load, there are several compression straps. Three straps run across the front of the pack while each side has two, and there is one in the inside of the main compartment. On a large pack like the Aether 85, compression is key to a stable load and Osprey has made it easy.

Pockets and attachment point are many on the Aether 85. There is a large front pocket and two side pockets made of stretchy material. In addition, the top flap has a zipper pocket and can conveniently be removed from the pack and used as a lumbar pack for short day hikes or summit attempts. There are two ice axe attachment points. There is also a place to attach Osprey's €add-ons' such as a day pack.

This pack is a big pack perfectly suitable for your next big adventure. Be sure to check it out.

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